Intelligence Macau is the leading independent research firm in the world's largest gaming market.

Led by an experienced team of analysts, our goal is to provide institutional investors with insightful analysis so that they can better understand trends and movements driving the sector.


We don't just look at the numbers. We provide context, helping investors to understand the social, cultural and political forces shaping the landscape of Macau.

Whether it is the table cap, visa restrictions, junket movements or just a big-picture analysis that clients need to understand better, Intelligence Macau has been consistently ahead of the street, and frequently against consensus.


Over the years, our experienced team of analysts has added real value to our clients by correctly anticipating a number of key moments in Macau's development. We provide written reports on a regular basis for clients who want to understand what is moving the market. These reports recap what is happening of importance in the news, but focus on looking ahead to anticipate where Macau is headed.

We also stay one step ahead in understanding trends in the mass market. Regular reports include gauging the spending power of visitors, their preferences, behavior trends, and outlook for repeat visitation and spending. Please view a sample of these reports.


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